How to Make beaded Earrings at Home

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Are you bored of buying those same style earrings and want something fresh and new, well we have got you covered? Make some new style beaded earring with us. The best part about it is that you can make your earrings with the things you can find at your home.

You will be needing a needle, thread, some colorful and different sized beads, bending wires, pliers, and closed jump rings.

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Steps for making beaded earrings

  • Take a needle and put a thread through it. Now, take some beads of your choice, put the needle through a big bead, and then through a small bead. you can repeat the process and make it as long as you want.
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  • You can also make a loop by joining the two ends together.
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  • Now, take a wire and put it through the starting end of bead string and with a help of plier bend the wire in a circular motion. 
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  • Now, that your main body of earring is ready you can use the closed jump ring and put it through the bent wire so that we can add an earring hook on it.
  • And just like that, your earring is ready.
  • You can also use your imagination and make different shapes with beaded string or use more that one string and make dangle earrings.

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