How to Make Earrings at Home

how to make earrings

Have you ever wanted your jewelry to look as per your likes? Have you ever thought that no such thing as perfect jewelry exists and that you’d always wish that someday you will make one just like you wanted? Ten you have stumbled across the right thing as we have put together this step by step guide on how to make earrings in the simplest and easy way at home. 

Now, for these earrings you will need some basic things such as hooks or thin wire which is available easily in the store. However, we have also put together an easy way to make earring hooks at home by just using a thin wire and a pair of pliers. 

To make the earrings hooks: 

  1. Take a thin wire about 2 inches in length.
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  1. Take a nose plier and shape it into a small circle at one end. 
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  1. Take a pencil or any cylindrical object and bend it over to achieve the desired shape. 
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  1. That’s it! The earring hooks are ready. 
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How to Make Earrings: 

Making Earrings using a clay. 

Step 1: Take a baking clay of your choice of color. 

Step 2: Roll the clay into a ball like shape.

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Step 3: Repeat the same with all the colors.

Step 4: Now mix all the colors together to create a funky pattern. 

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Step 5: Roll into a flat thin shape using a rolling pin.

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Step 6: Take a shape cutter of your choice and cut through the clay to get the desired shape. You can also use a blade to cut out and carve shapes of your choice. 

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Step 7: Once that’s done, pierce a small hole at the top using a pen or pencil, so that the hook could fit through. 

Step 8: Place the clay on a baking tray and bake at 1800 C for 2-3 minutes or until the clay hardens up. 

Step 9: After it has been cooled down, insert the earring hook through the hole that we poked before or you can also stick it using a hot glue gun. 

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Make Earrings Using a Marble. 

Step 1: Take a marble of any color. 

Step 2: Heat it over a candle for about 20 seconds using a plier and keep a glass of ice cold water handy. 

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Step 3: Immediately dip the heated marble in the water. The marble cracks from within due to the sudden temperature change.

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Step 4: You will see a pattern that is formed within the marble.

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Step 5: Wipe the marble thoroughly and stick the hook using a glue. 

Make Earrings using a Satin Ribbon.

Step 1: The most feasible way to make tassel earrings is by using a Satin or Silk ribbon. Take a wide and broad ribbon. 

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Step 2: Measure 7 centimeters from one end and cut it. 

Step 3: Using a scissor or a blade, start ripping of its strands. Continue doing it till you reach the very top. 

Step 4: Once this has been done, overlap its sides, one above the other and tie a knot at one end using a thread. 

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Step 5: Suspend a round knob where you have tied the knot and attach a hook to it. 

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Step 6: You can also use different beads and customize as per your needs.

Make Hoop Earrings using a wire. 

Step1: Take a thin metal wire, a bottle cap and a nose plier. Bend the wire using the bottle cap or any other hard object but of the same radius. Once a desired shape is achieved, cut the wire.

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Step 2: Bend one end of the wire into an obtuse angle and roll the other end into a small hook just like we did it in Step 3 of How to make hooks. 

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Step 3: Place the hoop onto a surface and even it out using a hammer or any hard object. 

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Step 4: You can wear them plain or customize it using colorful bead assortments. 

Make Earrings using a Safety pin.

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These Earrings are super easy to make and look really cool. All you need is a safety pin and some beads (optional). You might want to sanitize the safety pin before putting it on to avoid your piercing being infected. You can also make a chain by locking one pin onto the other. Make sure you chose a thin safety pin. 

Make Earrings Using a Paper Quill.

 Quill the paper into your desired shape and pattern and attach the hook. 

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 Step1: Take a thin A4 sized paper and color it as per your needs. 

Step 2: Draw a long thin cone on the paper and cut it accordingly. 

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Step 3: Roll this cone across the pointy edge to the base. Attach the hooks onto these rolled over beads and there you have it! 

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 These are some of the easiest ways to make earrings at home. Apart from these, you can make earrings from scratch using your old clothes and knitting them together. Always be careful while handling piers or a blade. You can customize them according to your whims and fancies. You no longer have to go the store because now you can make jewelry at your own comfort without wasting any time and money. So what are you waiting for? Start making your own pair of earrings now.  

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